Raising Interfaith Children: Search for Online Support

One of the goals of this blog is to support couples raising children with two religions. Based on the internet search terms people use to arrive here, I feel encouraged that people who are seeking reassurance and specific examples of success are finding their way to onbeingboth.com.

Some of the most common of these search terms include, not surprisingly, “raising interfaith children,” “raising children with two religions,” and “successful interfaith marriages.”

Other search terms document the fact that it is not only Jews and Christians who are intermarrying or claiming two religions these days. In the past month alone, people searching for information on how to celebrate the Muslim/Christian, Catholic/Buddhist, Muslim/Jewish, Hindu/Christian, Buddhist/Jewish and Muslim/Yoruba religions simultaneously, or raise children in both of these religions, all surfed here. Even though my own family grew from Jewish and Christian roots, I think many of the posts on educating children in two religions, and claiming an identity drawing on more than one religion, will be relevant to them. And I hope that these visitors discover the right-hand column of the main page of this blog, listing links to sites addressing many of these religious combinations.

Some search terms remind me that, while my interfaith families community experiences great joy and fulfillment on our interfaith pathway, many families still struggle with the disapproval of family and institutions when they intermarry. In the past month, people arrived at this blog searching for help with the terms “jewish parents giving up sons over interfaith marriage,” “opposition of interdenominational marriage,” and “jewish why gay marriage okay but not interfaith.”

Other online seekers this month asked the questions, “can you be jewish if you’re mixed race?” “can babies have a baptism and a bris,” “can my child be taught two religions,” and “can a child have two religions?” I hope they found the answers they were clearly seeking on this blog: yes, yes, yes and yes.

2 Replies to “Raising Interfaith Children: Search for Online Support”

  1. People are curious about the feasibility of interfaith life… even as we at IFFP embrace and live it every day, there are so many for whom it is something that seems confusing, difficult, scary too. People tend to turn to the internet to ask the hard questions anonymously, or to justify their own thoughts on a topic, or just because they are curious. It’s encouraging to know that you are one of the louder, and more reasonable, voices they can find online when they do search. Thanks for answering them with truth, patience and grace.

  2. Greetings to all interfaith parents. Our inter religious team wants to tell you about a very useful story for families with more religions.
    Look at the website http://www.kleine-eule.net
    The story about a little owl on her journey to wisdom concerns the question “who created everything. You will find it in 41 languages to print out and talk about.
    We wish you great pleasure and good luck.
    With kindly regards
    URI Team Lienz Austria and the Public Library of Lienz

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