Long Island’s Multifaith Campus

Multifaith Campus at the Brookville Church, photo by Susan Katz Miller


Recently, I returned to the Interfaith Community of Long Island, for the first time since Being Both was published. IFC Long Island is affiliated with the original Interfaith Community founded by Sheila Gordon and Lee Gruzen in Manhattan in the 1980s. I first visited IFC Long Island in 2011, when I was researching and reporting on interfaith education programs for interfaith children across the country for my book. Since my first visit, IFC Long Island has evolved in relation to three other communities (one Christian, one Jewish, one Muslim) as part of a unique and important model: the Multifaith Campus at the Brookville Church. Seeing interfaith children engaged in active interfaith education on the campus, meeting the clergy and leaders from three different faiths, I realized I really wanted to update the story of the interfaith families community template on Long Island.

So today, I have an article on the Multifaith Campus, “When a tiny church houses three religions,” in Acts of Faith, the The Washington Post‘s online home for religion news. Often, I like writing on my own blog, where I can control the style and tone and accuracy of every word. But sometimes I want to get a big story out in a publication that will reach a broader audience, and I am excited to have my first piece in The Washington Post. I have a lot more to say about the Multifaith Campus, and wisdom to share from many of the leaders there. I plan to do that in coming weeks on this blog, so stay tuned.


Susan Katz Miller’s book, Being Both: Embracing Two Religions in One Interfaith Family is available now in hardcover, paperback and eBook from Beacon Press.

3 Replies to “Long Island’s Multifaith Campus”

  1. Thank you Susan for writing this piece about our passionate journey together on Brookville’s Multifaith Campus. It was a joy to meet you and to later share with you one on one about the amazing things God is doing in our midst. Stay tuned, there will be more great things to come!

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