My Interfaith Declaration

I’m an interfaith child. I’m not confused or lost. I embrace my Jewish and Christian family. I explore the history and rituals of both religions. It is natural for me to switch off between my Jewish and Christian lenses, the way I switch between my reading glasses and my distance glasses. Each pair is useful. I carry them both with me. I need both perspectives.

I’m also an interfaith parent. My children are not confused or lost. They have been raised to celebrate both their family religions.  They have learned about both traditions in a religious education program with over 100 other interfaith children in Washington, DC. Our interfaith community here is part of a growing, international movement of interfaith families who do not want to choose one parent’s religion over the other. My children know that this choice is still unusual and highly controversial. They take pride in being different, in learning both Hebrew and parables. They wear the progressive lenses that fuse two ways of looking at the world.

I have hesitated for years before launching this blog, in part because I know it will attract some anger from both individuals and institutions. But as I advise interfaith families and groups around the country, as we forge this hybrid universe together, I wanted to create a forum to share our stories. I invite you to be brave, and do just that.

5 Replies to “My Interfaith Declaration”

  1. I’m popping the cork on a virtual bottle of champagne and toasting your courage to tackle the interfaith issue in such a public way. I’m looking forward to the illuminating posts I know you’ll be writing on this subject.

    Huzzah! Huzzah!


  2. Congratulations!! What a wonderful first post!

    We enjoy being a part of our Interfaith Community and finally feel like we are beginning to belong somewhere. We are still new at this – we’ve only been here for a year – and I consider us to be on a journey for life – so it may take some different twists and turns – but for now – it’s so nice to have an opportunity to meet like-minded, nice people who are open to others and accepting.

    It makes us feel very special, instead of different or left out.

  3. You chose just the right words — congratulations on having the courage to move forward and start the conversation!

  4. Thank you for launching the blog! As written above, we are new members at IFFP and particularly treasure feeling included as opposed to different or left out.

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